European B&M Bingo

Every rollercoaster fan knows what you mean, when you are talking about coaster-bingo’s. A rollercoaster fan has scored a coaster-bingo when he or she has ridden all the rollercoasters in the park what they were visiting. This have to be not only the thrillcoasters but also every family coaster and kiddie coaster.

But coaster fans can also score country bingo’s, that’s when they have ridden all the coasters in that country, which include all the transportable and fair coasters. And they can even score manufacturer bingo’s, when they have ridden every operational coaster build by that manufacturer.

Over the years i have scored (and lost) many park bingo’s. But as a huge fan of their coaster, I have also almost scored the “European B&M Bingo”.
Yes I have ridden almost every coaster build by Bolliger & Mabillard operating in Europe. There are only 3 known credits that I still need. These are Monster @ Walygator Parc, Valkyria @ Liseberg and Monster @ Grona Lund.

The first 2 coasters are already operational, but the last one (Monster @ Grona Lund) is still under construction and will officially open for the public in 2021. I hope to ride this one in 2022, during the same trip that i want to ride Valkyria @ Liseberg. The Walygator Monster is planned for hopefully 2023.

No new B&M coasters are yet officially planned in Europe for opening after 2021. There aren’t even any rumors for new B&M coasters on this continent in the future yet too.
So probably I can have my European B&M Bingo for at least over a year, after i have scored it in 2023.

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