[Rumors] Will PortAventura get a 3rd B&M in the future? (Update)

4 month ago a Spanish themepark fan made a simulation for a rumored B&M inverted coaster that could have been build in PortAventura.

That inverted coaster was only one option from the two possible new B&M coasters that could have been build at this Spanish themepark.
That other option was a B&M flying coaster.

That themepark fan finally made a No Limits 2 creation for that possible B&M flying coaster, but this time located in the Polynesia area of the park.

The coaster with the name “Manutara”, which is the sacred bird of Rapa Nui (Easter Island), will be located almost completely out of sight from the major walkways going through the area. Only a raven-turn element would be visible.

The stats for this creation are:
  • Height: 44m
  • Drop: 38m (New record, Flying Dinosaur = 37,8m)
  • Lenght: 1309m (New record, Flying Dinosaur = 1124,0m)
  • Speed: 99 Km/h
  • Capacity‎: ‎1,500 riders per hour (3 Trains of 8 cars (32 riders/train)
  • Dual Station
  • Inversions: 540 degrees Zero-G roll, Inside raventurn, Pretzel loop, Zero-G roll, Inline twist

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