My Wishlist

There are a lot of B&M rollercoasters in the world I wish to ride at least once some day.
Many of them are located in North America and Asia.
The rollercoasters in Asia are more difficult for me to do because i am not that interested in doing a trip in this area of the world. But doing a (short) trip in the USA will be more easy I think, hopefully in 10 years time.
And offcourse the rollercoasters in Europe are the most easy to ride for me, so will the the B&M rollercoaster here.

Here you’ll find my shortlist of B&M rollercoasters I wish to ride in the future.
When there’s a year noted, this is the year I hope to ride this rollercoaster.

  • Holiday World
    Thunderbird (Wing Coaster)
  • Carowinds
    Fury 325 (Hyper Coaster), Intimidator (Hyper Coaster), Afterburn (Inverted Coaster), Vortex (Stand-up Coaster)
  • Kings Island
    Banshee (Inverted Coaster), Diamondback (Hyper Coaster)
  • Dollywood
    Wild Eagle (Wing Coaster)
  • Kings Dominion
    Dominator (Floorless)
  • Busch Gardens Williamsburg
    Griffon (Dive Coaster), Apollo’s Chariot (Hyper Coaster), Alpengeist (Inverted Coaster)
  • Six Flags Great Adventure
    Batman The Ride (Inverted Coaster), Bizarro (Floorless Coaster), Green Lantern (Stand-Up Coaster), Nitro (Hyper Coaster), Superman Ultimate Flight (Flying Coaster)
  • Cedar Point
    Gatekeeper (Wing Coaster), Raptor (Inverted Coaster), Rougarou (Floorless), Valravn (Dive Coaster)
  • Dorney Park
    Hydra The Revenge (Floorless), Talon (Inverted Coaster)
  • Six Flags New England
    Batman – The Dark Knight (Floorless)
  • Six Flags Great America
    Batman The Ride (Inverted Coaster), Raging Bull (Hyper Coaster), Superman Ultimate Flight (Flying Coaster), X-Flight (Wing Coaster)
  • Canada’s Wonderland
    Behemoth (Hyper Coaster), Leviathan (Hyper Coaster), Yukon Striker (Dive Coaster)
  • Sea World Orlando
    Mako (Hyper Coaster)
  • Six Flags Over Georgia
    Goliath (Hyper Coaster), Superman – Ultimate Flight (Flying Coaster), Georgia Scorcher (Stand-Up Coaster), Batman The Ride (Inverted Coaster)

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