Baron 1898 (Efteling)

Baron 1898 is a steel Dive Coaster at the Efteling theme park in The Netherlands. The ride opened on July 1, 2015. Music was created by the Brussels Philharmonie symphony orchestra and several producers, under the direction of René Merkelbach. It is the first dive coaster manufactured by B&M that doesn’t feature a turn between the lift hill and the first drop.

Length: 1,643.7 ft
Drop: 123 ft
Inversions: 2
Speed: 55.9 mph
Duration: 2:10
Elements: Chain Lift Hill, Immelmann, Zero-G Roll, 360° Helix
Capacity: 1,000 riders per hour

After the guests have boarded the special mine cars, they leave the station. The spirits suddenly attack the cars; this effect is achieved through projection technology and animatronics (projected ghosts fly over rider’s heads, and several pipes seem to burst.) As the train is about to drop off the lift, it stops as the “Witte Wieven” can be heard screaming from the pit, from which smoke pours. After a few seconds, the riders plunge 37.5 meters into a smoke-filled pit and pull out into an Immelmann loop and return into the same direction. After the first loop, riders experience airtime and drop a second time. This later leads the riders into a zero-g roll before traveling through a fast-paced spiral. The final brake run follows, which leads into the mine complex’s equipment storage area, where guests disembark.

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