Monster (Gröna Lund)

Monster is a steel inverted roller coaster at Gröna Lund in Stockholm, Sweden. The coaster was manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard and is the park’s largest investment to date, which a price tag of 450 million Swedish krona (approximately €44.3 million). Development and construction of the coaster took several years, and a third of the …

Valkyria (Liseberg)

Valkyria is a steel Dive Coaster roller coaster under construction at Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg, Sweden. Manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, it is scheduled to open in 2018 being Europe’s longest Dive Coaster. The name Valkyria is derived from the Norse mythology creature Valkyrie, a mythological creature that brought fallen warriors to the afterlife. …

European B&M Bingo

Every rollercoaster fan knows what you mean, when you are talking about coaster-bingo’s. A rollercoaster fan has scored a coaster-bingo when he or she has ridden all the rollercoasters in the park what they were visiting. This have to be not only the thrillcoasters but also every family coaster and kiddie coaster. But coaster fans …

Liseberg officially opens Valkyria

August 10, Liseberg opens Valkyria for the public after a 2 month delay in the construction. Everyone was very happy to make a ride on this impressive new rollercoaster.

Testing for Valkyria finally started

After the park had placed the roof of the tunnel, the testing for Valkyria finally started last week. Here is a nice video with onride and offride footage of these tests.

Work on Valkyria’s tunnel continues

At Liseberg the work on the tunnel for Valkyria continues, after the last section of track was put into place last week. The crew is also working on the electrics and the station. Source:

The final section of Valkyria track is in place

Last week finally the last section of Valkyria track was installed at Liseberg in Gothenburg. This day was very special for the construction crew and some fans. They were all allowed to write their signature on this last section of track before it was installed. Source: A video of this special moment can be …

Firstdrop Valkyria almost ready

After all the trouble they had at Liseberg with the digging of the tunnel for Valkyria. They are now really picking up the pace with setting up the last pieces of track for this rollercoaster. Today almost all of the firstdrop was installed, except the holdingbrake which will be installed this friday. Source:

Construction Valkyria experiencing major problems

In Gothenburg the construction of Valkyria is experiencing major problems. Almost all of the coaster steel is erected now, except the part for the tunnel. Because of the very difficult soil in this part of the Liseberg themepark the constructioncrews can’t do the work they wanted to do. The park is currently working on solutions …

Opening new inverted @ Gröna Lund pushed to 2021

Gröna Lund has officially confirmed that the opening of their new inverted rollercoaster has been pushed back to 2021. Construction of this new rollercoaster will start in the autumn of 2018 and it will be part of a referbishment of this area, which also includes new restaurants. Source: