Knott’s Berry Farm Denies Any Near Future Plans For Hyper/Giga Coaster

According to a new update from the OC Register, Knott’s officials have gone on record to confirm that they have “no plans in the near future to add a Giga or Hyper coaster” to the park. The legitimacy of the the various “leaked” plans posted to social media over the past several months (3 of …

SeaWorld has announched new coaster

SeaWorld Orlando has finally announched their new coaster which will open in 2023.Just confiming the rumors about the new Surfcoaster with th new generation standup trains.

Proposed Giga Coaster seems to have been shrunk

Sad news for Knott’s Berry Farm, but not entirely unexpected either. Many have been waiting for some kind of sign that Knott’s was ready to move ahead with their impressive Giga coaster project. Unfortunately the sign that has now been discovered seems to indicate that Knott’s was forced to give up on that concept, likely …

Is this track for the rumored Surf Coaster?

Meanwhile, a light blue track has also surfaced at the Ohio steelworks plant. Not sure yet if this one is for the rumored Surf Coaster coming to SeaWorld Orlando, but it’s noticeable that this track has more cross ties than the track of other models from B&M.

“Bayside” pathway at SWO removed

At Seaworld Orlando the preparatory work has also started for their next project.The Bayside pathway along the lake has been removed. The Bayside pathway is totally gone. — Michael Muldoon (@MMuldoonFL) March 19, 2022

No new B&M for Thorpe Park, but a Mack Rides coaster?

The English amusement park Thorpe Park recently submitted the full plans for their new coaster. Project Exodus will be the UK’s tallest coaster with a height of 72m. If we are to believe the train design, this new coaster will be from Mack Rides and not from B&M, as the original rumors led us to …

Ride Kumba as much as you can, while you still can

The guys from have some news about Kumba, the famous sit-down looping coaster @ Busch Gardens Tampa, which isn’t great news for the fans of this rollercoaster. They are hinting at probably a removal of this iconic rollercoaster, but hopefully it will just be a full retrack and update of the ride. Because it …