The only inversion has been placed (part 2)

Also in England, the only inversion, for the new B&M coaster, but this time it is a Wingcoaster and not a Surfcoaster, has been placed. The inversion for the World Of Jumanji rollercoaster has been installed! More photos coming soon…#Chessington #WorldOfJumanji — Theme Park Guide (@ThemeParkGuide) November 19, 2022

The only inversion has been placed

The only inversion at the new B&M Surf Coaster in Sea World Orlando has been placed. 👀 🏄‍♂️ The Wave Curl inversion is almost complete on Pipeline: The Surf Coaster at @SeaWorld Orlando! #SeaWorldOrlando — ThrillGeek (@thrillgeek) November 17, 2022 This inversion on @OrlandoSea new #B&M Surf Coaster #Pipeline looks awesome. #Florida #orlando #orlandocoastercapital …

Track is ready including 2nd inversion

The track for the new Wingcoaster at Legoland Deutschland seems to be ready.And this is including a 2nd inversion, as we can see on these photo’s. Source:

The train revealed at IAAPA

At the current IAAPA show in Orlando Florida, the new trains were revealed for the new B&M coaster of SeaWorld Orlando, Pipeline The Surfcoaster. Here are some photo’s and a video of that reveal.

More trackwork is installed

In one week time, a lot of new track for the Surf Coaster got installed at SeaWorld Orlando. Construction is on surge @SeaWorld #Pipeline — The Coaster Crew (@Coastercrew) November 5, 2022

Tallest point of new coaster is reached

In Orlando Florida, the tallest point of the new Surf Coaster being build at SeaWorld was reached.
Just check out the new pictures.

Pipeline, the new Surf Coaster for SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando has just announched their new rollercoaster, and it will be called “Pipeline”. Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken Een bericht gedeeld door SeaWorld Orlando (@seaworldorlando) More info:

More about the new “World of Jumanji” area

The Dutch themepark related website “Themepark Magic” has some recent photo’s from the new area being constructed at the English themepark Chessington World of Adventures. Z

SeaWorld Orlando finally announces new Surf Coaster

According to this Instagram post, SeaWorld Orlando will announce their new B&M coaster later next week. Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken Een bericht gedeeld door SeaWorld Orlando (@seaworldorlando)