(20xx) Iron Menace (Dorney Park)

Ride Stats Designed by: Bolliger & MabillardCoaster type: DiveHeight of drop: 152 feetAngle of first drop: 95 degrees (for reference, 90 degrees is vertical)Top speed: 64 miles per hourInversions: 4 (Immelman, zero g-roll, world’s first tilted loop on a dive coaster, 360-degree corkscrew spin)Length: 2,169 feetDuration: 90 secondsTrains: 2Riders per train: 21 Source: https://www.dorneypark.com/new-in-2024

(20xx) Maximus – Der Flug des Wächters (Legoland Deutschland)

According to some rumors, the recently announched new for 2023 rollercoaster for Legoland Deutschland can be a B&M junior wingcoaster.The only link to that is a quote from a newsarticle published by a local newspaper. “Redaktion handelt es sich um eine Achterbahn, bei dem [sic!] die Fahrgäste jeweils links und rechts der Schiene sitzen, sodass …