My Favorites

Like all rollercoaster enthousiasts I have some rollercoasters that I love very much, but I also have some rollercoaster that I don’t love that much.
There are many reason for loving a rollercoaster or not.
It can be the ride experience itself, the location of the ride or the theming & story around the ride.

My first B&M ride ever was in 2002 at Paramount’s Great America in Vortex (Standup).
This coaster had no story or theming at all and also the ride experience was terrible.
The only positive thing about this rollercoaster was the location. It was the first ride I saw after entering the park.
Luckily my second B&M ride ever changed everything, Top Gun (Inverted) also lokated in PGA was a ride that packs a punge.

After these first 2 B&M coasters I really fell in love with the rollercoasters from this manufacterer and many more followed in Europe and the United States.

This is my Top 10 of favorite B&M coasters:

Last updated: 07-07-2020