Family Inverted announched for BGT

Busch Gardens Tampa just announched their new family inverted coaster Phoenix Rising.This new rollercoaster will be the replacement for SandSerpent, the parks former Wild Mouse coaster, and it will open in 2024. More information:

Track delivered for new coaster

Many new track pieces are delivered at SeaWorld Orlando for their new rollercoaster [SeaWorld Orlando] plenty of track delivered for 2024 coaster by u/Skiebs16 in rollercoasters

A new Family Coaster for SeaWorld Orlando

After the recent opening of the newest rollercoaster in SeaWorld Orlando, the B&M Surfcoaster called Pipeline, the park will open another new B&M rollercoaster next year.In 2024 they will open a new B&M Family Coaster, which will be located at the former Empire of the Penguin location. More information:

Family Coaster

A Family Coaster is the rollercoaster suited for the whole family, from young children to adults.All family friendly coasters don’t have inversions and have a lack of hights. B&M has only build two family coasters yet. Both are Family Inverted Coasters which opened in 2014 at Happy Valley Shanghai and in 2018 at Happy Valley …

The new coaster will be a junior boomerang

Chessington World of Adventures has launched a website for the public consultation of the new rollercoaster project, with lots of information about the project and some concept plans. From these plans it looks like the rollercoaster will be a junior boomerang coaster, but with some differences from all known junior boomerangs.When you look closely you …

(2025) Mandrill Mayhem (Chessington World of Adventures)

Chessington World of Adventure in the UK will open a new themed area including a Family launched wing coaster in 2023, themed to Jumanji film series. This rollercoaster is rumored to be build by B&M, because the released artwork shows a coaster tracktype simular to the track B&M uses coaster for their coasters. More information …