Testing has started in Germany

At Legoland Deutschland in Germany testing has started for their new rollercoaster.The new Wing Coaster also has a new name, it will be called “Maximus – Der Flug des Wächters”. Here you’ve got a video from the first test rides of the coaster and a short interview from the Kids Reporter.

Track is ready including 2nd inversion

The track for the new Wingcoaster at Legoland Deutschland seems to be ready.And this is including a 2nd inversion, as we can see on these photo’s. Source: https://coasterfriends.de/freizeitparkforum/index.php?threads/2023-neuheit-themenbereich-lego-mythica-b-m-wing-coaster-flatride-legoland-deutschland.16370/post-1243889

More track is finally in it’s place now

For the first time in about a month, work is being done directly on the track again. From the park, the B&M serial number WI-S was visible on the front rail sections. The construction work at the station is progressing. The operator’s house and the two foundations of the towers are now clearly visible on …

The lifthill is up

Yes, the lifthill for the new wingcoaster at Legoland Deutschland is up. Source: https://coasterfriends.de/freizeitparkforum/index.php?threads/2023-neuheit-themenbereich-lego-mythica-b-m-wing-coaster-flatride-legoland-deutschland.16370/post-1241365

A NoLimit2 recreation of the possible coaster

A CoasterFriends.de member has setup a recreation of the possible new layout of the coaster being build right now at Legoland Deutschland. He only doubts about the inversion that comes into the coaster. Source: https://coasterfriends.de/freizeitparkforum/index.php?threads/2023-neuheit-themenbereich-lego-mythica-b-m-wing-coaster-flatride-legoland-deutschland.16370/post-1241267 EDIT (05-09-2022): A new video of this layout

The first supports are setup

The first couple of supports for the new wingcoaster are setup at Legoland Deutschland. Source: https://coasterfriends.de/freizeitparkforum/index.php?threads/2023-neuheit-themenbereich-lego-mythica-b-m-wing-coaster-flatride-legoland-deutschland.16370/post-1241241

B&M track spotted on site

Yes, the first B&M track pieces are spotted on site. Source: https://coasterfriends.de/freizeitparkforum/index.php?threads/2023-neuheit-themenbereich-lego-mythica-b-m-wing-coaster-flatride-legoland-deutschland.16370/post-1240303

Will this be a possible layout?

Above is a new overview photo of the construction site, where I think all footers have already been deposited. A member of the website Coasterfriend.de has made a couple of layout proposesals, because nothing is known yet about the layout. Only the footers are poured yet. Which layout do you think will be be real …

Will the new Legoland Deutschland coaster be compared to the one in Chessington?

There still are some rumors about the layout of the new B&M family wingcoaster which will be build in Legoland Deutschland. These rumors appeared thanks to the current construction works at the coaster project. So the rumors say, the red square will be a underground launch section, followed by a s-bend (yellow/orange). Source: https://coasterfriends.de/freizeitparkforum/index.php?threads/2023-neuheit-themenbereich-lego-mythica-b-m-wing-coaster-flatride-legoland-deutschland.16370/post-1237838