SeaWorld has announched new coaster

SeaWorld Orlando has finally announched their new coaster which will open in 2023.Just confiming the rumors about the new Surfcoaster with th new generation standup trains.

Is this track for the rumored Surf Coaster?

Meanwhile, a light blue track has also surfaced at the Ohio steelworks plant. Not sure yet if this one is for the rumored Surf Coaster coming to SeaWorld Orlando, but it’s noticeable that this track has more cross ties than the track of other models from B&M.

“Bayside” pathway at SWO removed

At Seaworld Orlando the preparatory work has also started for their next project.The Bayside pathway along the lake has been removed. The Bayside pathway is totally gone. — Michael Muldoon (@MMuldoonFL) March 19, 2022

Construction walls gone up for new coaster project SWO

At SeaWorld Orlando the first construction walls have gone up for their new coaster project, which will probably be the rumored Surf Coaster.The coaster track you can see on the photo’s below is not the track for this surf coaster, but replacement track for the watercoaster of the park Journey To Atlantis.

Layout leaked for rumored Surf Coaster SWO

Today, after almost 2 years of silence, some very interesting information about “Project Penguin” got leaked on the internet. The website said they recently received/found the full set of layout drawings for this project.And the train for this coasterproject can be the in 2020 revealed new “Stand-Up” coaster train. Source: The guys from …

(20xx) “Rumored” (SeaWorld Orlando)

In januari of 2020 there were rumors about SeaWorld Orlando getting a new coaster for as early as 2021.Coaster Kings reported that SWO had submitted a permit application for a possible new attraction in 2021. The project name was “SWO Penguin”. This attraction would be placed in the area between the main entrance and Ports …

[Rumors] Will SWO get a new B&M for 2021?

Coaster Kings reports that SWO has recently submitted a permit application for a possible new attraction in 2021. The project name will be “SWO Penguin”. And it is about the area located between the main park entrance and Ports of Call/Bayside Stadium. Right now the rumors about this project speak about a new B&M Wing …

Manta (SeaWorld Orlando)

Manta is a steel flying roller coaster at SeaWorld Orlando. The attraction allows guests to encounter numerous species of ray before boarding a manta ray-shaped train that takes them on a 3,359-foot-long (1,024 m) roller coaster ride above the park, reaching top speeds of 56 miles per hour (90 km/h). Designed by Swiss firm Bolliger & Mabillard, …