[Rumors] Will SWO get a new B&M for 2021?

Coaster Kings reports that SWO has recently submitted a permit application for a possible new attraction in 2021. The project name will be “SWO Penguin”. And it is about the area located between the main park entrance and Ports of Call/Bayside Stadium.

Right now the rumors about this project speak about a new B&M Wing coaster, this is the only coaster type of them, that is still missing in the state of Florida.
Others say this will be the first B&M 4D Coaster. This is a kind of wing coaster, but with 360 degrees rotating seats. Example for this kind of ride is X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain. But that ride was build by Arrows.

Source: http://www.screamscape.com/html/seaworld_florida.htm#2021