Batman la Fuga (Parque Warner Madrid)

Batman: La Fuga is a Bolliger & Mabillard steel roller coaster at Parque Warner Madrid in Spain. It is located in the “Super Hero” location in the park. It is a clone of Batman: The Ride which is located at various Six Flags parks.
The ride opened on April 6, 2002.

Length: 2,700.2 ft
Height: 105 ft
Inversions: 5
Speed: 49.7 mph
Duration: 1:15
G-Force: 4.9
Elements: Chain Lift Hill, Loop, Zero-G Roll, Loop, Corkscrew, Corkscrew
Capacity: 1,300 riders per hour

Batman La Fuga begins with the track floor descending. The train moves out of the station and up a chain lift hill. At the top of the hill the train dips down through a Bolliger & Mabillard “kicker”, coasts down a 190-degree swoop to the left, and drops into the first 360-degree vertical loop. It then flips through a Heartline Spin to the right, followed by another vertical loop. The train then travels upward around a tight spiral to the left, then through a wider turn to the right, drops slightly, and quickly turns through the first flatspin. Following this is a tight right turn and another flatspin, then a tight left turnaround before the train enters the final brake run.

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