Knott’s Berry Farm Denies Any Near Future Plans For Hyper/Giga Coaster

According to a new update from the OC Register, Knott’s officials have gone on record to confirm that they have “no plans in the near future to add a Giga or Hyper coaster” to the park. The legitimacy of the the various “leaked” plans posted to social media over the past several months (3 of which we’ve seen so far) has also been called into question, with Knott’s officials also stating that “the Giga/Hyper coaster plans that have been circulating online did not come from Knott’s or parent company Cedar Fair”.
    Previously we’ve also seen a statement from the city of Buena Park confirming that Knott’s has not come to them to present any such plans either, though if a proposed attraction concept was still very much in the design phase, the park would not officially present anything until they had settled a final design they were prepared to go ahead with if approved.
    So with all this in mind, until something more firm shapes up, it looks like the 10-15 year dream of Knott’s adding a massive Hyper or Giga coaster will simply remain as a dream.

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