More news about the future of Kumba

A couple of days ago Screamscape told everyone interested to ride rollercoaster Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa as much as it was still possible.
Was he hinting at a possible retrack of the ride in the near future or a removal?

Now they have some more details about that news and they are not to be very happy about.

The resume from this story is that during track inspection for the ride, Kumba was deemed to have essentially reached the end of its lifespan. The unfortunate problem is that most of the “suits” managing the park, no longer see Kumba as a marketable ride, and rather than rebuild and keep Kumba for future generations, they are going to simply run it for a while longer and then shut Kumba down for good.They believe that Kumba is “not Iconic” enough to save.

The goal is to run Kumba through the summer, and Howl-O-Scream if the trains last that long, and then close the gates for good on Nov. 1st, 2022. Kaput… end of story